I write MOMENT/C because I want to give you a chance to take a moment off from whatever you are doing in front of your screen – to see art.

I hope the pictures I show give you a moment of inspiration.

In the posts labelled "general" I present works that I may have seen a long time ago.
In the posts labelled "current" I present works that (at the time of writing) can be seen in permanent collections (/churches) or in temporary exhibitions.

A few posts are labelled "collection". In those I present works that I own.
And in the posts labelled "teaching" I write about works that either my students or I have brought to class. Under this label I also show works that I often talk about as a Museum Lecturer at Bergen Art Museum.

Many posts have place labels. I hope they can be helpful in planning to se the works "live" when travelling. Enjoying art face to face is, after all, so much better than looking at photographic reproductions on a computer screen...